Agroturystyczne gospodarstwo SZWAJNOSÓWKA. Pokoje gościnne w Witowie na Podhalu obok Zakopanego - wypoczynek, wycieczki w góry, ogniska, bryczki, kuligi.
A family farm in the South Poland near the Tatras, in the Witów village in Podhale, situated about 100 km south from Kraków and 12 km from Zakopane.
Agrotouristischer Bauernhof SZWAJNOSÓWKA, Gästezimmer in Witów in Podhale in der Nähe von Zakopane – Erholung, Ausflüge in die Berge, Lagerfeuer, Pferdewagen, Schlittenfahrten.

Witów village which is located at the foothills of the Tatra mountains stretches along the road from Chocholow to Kościelisko, which is the main road linking Krakow by Rabka, Black Dunajec with the western extremities of Zakopane. It is a great place to relax, because there are not many visitors in comparison to other towns in the region. Not far from here trails in West and High Tatras have their beginnings. It is also close to the famous Tatra valleys.
Living in Witów at different times of the year you can participate in local festivals and folk events such as the Corpus Christi procession, Witowiańska Watra, Feast of the Forest, in which the villagers are dressed in traditional highlander clothing, play, sing and dance highland bands and there is also a possibility of taste the regional dishes. In the pastoral season, in a few huts you can purchase products from sheep's milk. Also, honey from the forest is offered to buy.

From our chalets it is near to attractive places in Podhale:
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