Agroturystyczne gospodarstwo SZWAJNOSÓWKA. Pokoje gościnne w Witowie na Podhalu obok Zakopanego - wypoczynek, wycieczki w góry, ogniska, bryczki, kuligi.
A family farm in the South Poland near the Tatras, in the Witów village in Podhale, situated about 100 km south from Kraków and 12 km from Zakopane.
Agrotouristischer Bauernhof SZWAJNOSÓWKA, Gästezimmer in Witów in Podhale in der Nähe von Zakopane – Erholung, Ausflüge in die Berge, Lagerfeuer, Pferdewagen, Schlittenfahrten.
Our farmhouse is located in the central part of the Witów. Our chalets are situated on a hill, about 100 metres from the provincial road 958. It's not hard to get here because there is a large wooden sign next to the road which shows direction to our house.

Szwajnosówka can be reached from two sides:
  • Going along the Zakopianka road from Kraków, you need to turn right toward Czarny Dunajec past viaduct in Chabowka. Then you should go straight along provilcial road 958 heading for Witów. Our farmhouse is situated on the right side of the road, about 2km from the beginning of the village, right behind a historical wooden building of the Voluntary Fire Brigade Witów.
  • Going from Zakopane, after entering Witów you must pass a wooden local church and then drive for about 300m. Our farmhouse is located on the left side of the road.

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